Sandoval Sporting Range
Saturday, July 7, 2018
2:00 pm

Steel Knockdown Targets

A shot timer will determine how long each shooter takes to knock down all the targets of each stage.


Production: limited to 10 rounds per magazine
Limited: magazine extensions may be used, but extended magazines may not be used.
Unlimited: unlimited round magazines, optics, etc.
PCC: pistol caliber carbine
Revolver: bring several speed loaders with pouches.


  • A Handgun
  • A Holster
  • Extra Magazines
  • Magazine Holders
  • Approx. 150 Rounds Ammo
  • Eye & Ear Protection

$15 per entry
You may enter more than one category.
4 stages. Approximately 30 targets per stage.
Although target grade steel is used, the maximum velocity limit is 1,500 FPS.
Safe muzzle control & proper finger discipline is mandatory and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Club Membership is NOT required to participate in these matches. The public is welcome to come by and check it out. Must have eye and ear protection.

For more information, contact Darrell Donoho at 618-267-6952.

Sandoval Sporting Range is located 2 miles northeast of Sandoval, Illinois or 8 miles west of Salem at Exit 116 off of I-57, and just north of Highway 50 and east of Highway 51.

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